I am a front-end developer and I'm passionate about software development, machine learning, and cloud computing. Having 2 years+ experience in the software development field as a remote freelancer. Tech enthusiast with a keen interest in machine learning, neural networks, python transformers, and NLP. Also having my roots in Amazon Web services and am a react developer for the client-side rendering. Hoping to grasp the immense amount of knowledge in my core fields. I always look forward to enhancing my skills and having a hands-on experience in the above-mentioned tech fields. A techie with other skills as well. Currently, an undergraduate student and a freelancer, aiming to achieve greater heights and utilize my technical and management skills for the betterment of society.

My Projects

Innovating some real-world projects!

Web Browser

A basic web browser based on the google search engine and programmed in python, try surfing the web on R.E.C.O.N.

Virtual Assistant

One of the beauties of python programming. Make it to do various tasks and the assistant won't disappoint you!

Random Quotes Generator

A react-app for tapping on the motivational and popular quotes by famous authors. Get motivated ASAP!

Weather web-application

A responsive short weather forecasting web app fetching data from API. Have the weather info before planning your trip!


Currency converter, exchange rate calculator programmed on JavaScript, and fetching data from API.

Drum Machine

Grove on your music, make some amazing noise with the drum machine, a react web app for playing sounds.

Hobbies and other activities

I'm a multipotentialite guy and proficient in 6 regional and foreign languages and I'm an open-source contributor who also participated and won goodies from the Hacktoberfest hackathon by making required logical pull requests on Github. And I'm a Linux user as well.

I have interests in coding, solving errors, and innovating, I love to read books, self-help books are the ones which I prefer the most. I love listening to music and I am a cosmophile with a keen interest in astrophysics and celestial bodies. I'm skilled in several sports and I'm fond of films made across the globe and would love to give reviews regarding them, movies based on science fiction and space explorations are one of my favorites genres.

My personal skills also include leadership, teamwork, oratory skills, loyalty, and hard work. Good at presenting and looking forward to presenting journals in my undergraduate career, taking sessions on emerging technologies in the IT sector.

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